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Services Rendered – PHEZULU Solutions


PHEZULU Solutions provides for a tailor-made package that will suit each client needs.

Services provided:

  • Human Resources & Industrial Relations Solutions
  • Labour Outsourced Solution
  • Employment Equity
  • Payroll Solution
  • Probation Period Solution or Temp Staffing
  • Recruitment & Placement
  • Time & Attendance
  • Sanitizing / Disinfecting of Offices
  • COVID-19 Business Preparedness Training
  • Specialized Training
  • Annual Skills Development Reporting
Outsourcing and Recruitment Services

Human Resources & Industrial Relations Solution

  • Professional HR Consultant assigned to your establishment to consult on all labour related issues. The consultant will guide your business through HR Best Practices and Employment law as outlined by legislation
  • Advising on labour best practised as outlined by the within SA Labour legislation
  • Consult and attend all Industrial Relations matters that might arise
  • Represent all clients through our Employers Organisation at the various tribunals (E.g. CCMA, Bargaining Councils).
  • Provides legal representation at Labour courts as and when matters arise
  • Investigate staff transgressions, and draft charges in line with current case law and as a result of the investigation conducted
  • Chairing of Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Advising / Guide businesses through the COVID-19 legislation
  • Drafting of company Policies and Procedures & SOP’s in line with best practises and legislation
  • Employment Equity Reporting
  • Skills Development Reporting

Labour Outsourced Solution

  • Employment of staff compliment as outsourced labour on behalf of the client
  • All staff will be paid in accordance with standard payroll practises in South Africa. All statutory payments and compliances are adhered too
  • Medical screening of staff working in the mining industry as outlined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • All Human Resources and Industrial Relations will be attended by PHEZULU Solutions
  • Personal Protective gear will be issued to all staff as outlined by Occupation Health and Safety Act as per required industry
  • Accredited training to staff Operations and Administration
  • Induction program, development and implemented in line with client and legislative requirements
  • PHEZULU Solutions will be responsible for employee’s discipline and will run the process through to possible litigation (CCMA, Bargaining Councils)
  • Employment Equity compliance will be the responsibility of PHEZULU Solutions
  • Skills Development compliance will be the responsibility of PHEZULU Solutions
  • Bargaining Council levies to be paid as per council requirements

Employment Equity

  • Quarterly review & chairing committee meetings, task with Employment Equity Planning and Compliances
  • Drafting of Employment Equity Plan
  • Submission of annual Employment Equity Report to the Department of Employment and Labour
  • Facilitation of any conflict that may arise relating to Employment Equity requirements
  • Facilitate the nomination, electing and appointment process of Employment Equity Committee members
  • Provide training to Management and Committee members to ensure compliance in line with the Employment Equity Act
  • Facilitate and assist in the development of Employment Equity Analysis, to identify company short comings with regards to Employment Equity compliance
  • Advice and Facilitate the alignment of certain positions, and the recruitment of such candidates to reach Employment Equity targets
  • Facilitation of quarterly Employment Equity meeting
  • Drafting and recording of minutes of Employment Equity meetings and submission to various management
  • Ensuring Employment Equity file of evidence is updated quarterly
  • Maintain a good relationship with the Deputy Director General for Employment Equity at the Department of Employment and Labour

Payroll Solution

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly capturing of employee’s time sheets and clocking cards for payroll calculations
  • Capturing and management of employee’s annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave, unpaid leave entitlement
  • Source document processing daily / weekly / monthly
  • Statutory deduction and contributions calculated and paid to various institutions (E.g. PAYE, Skills Development levies, WCA, etc.)
  • Provide client with monthly management reports to ensure effective staff management
  • IRP5 provide to all staff annually

Probationary Period Solution or Temp Staffing

  • Client job specification will be utilised to ensure that the best suited candidates are recruited. Candidates are screened before employment
  • Advertisements will be placed on a number of job portals in line with EE targets or as per management requirements
  • Candidates will be interviewed by the client. Once successful the candidate will be employed as an outsourced labourer for a period between 3 to 6 months. During the probationary, the client and the candidate get the opportunity to get to know each other and the candidates work can be evaluated. This period of temp employment with PHEZULU Solution will offset the recruitment cost required for PHEZULU Solutions
  • Candidates will be appointed by PHEZULU Solutions on a fix term contract for the probationary period as required by our client. Once the probationary period lapsed, the client will have the option to either, continue the fix term contract, employ the candidate directly, or terminate the fix term contract
  • Recruitment done in this solutions come at a ZERO based recruitment cost, which limits the risk of appointing the incorrect candidate permanently

Recruitment & Placement

  • Positions are advertised in line with the Job specification provided by the client
  • Each candidate resume is thoroughly screened to ensure compliance with our clients Job specification. Only resumes suitable for the position will be forwarded to the client for short listing, and interviewing
  • Our recruitment department setup the interview in accordance with the client’s requirements. Pre-screening will take place as per our client’s requirements
  • Once the candidate is successful, a full screening, based on the client’s requirements will be conducted.
  • Possible screening that can be conducted;
    • Criminal Record
    • Qualification verifications
    • ITC employment credit checks
    • Personality assessments
    • Trade assessments
    • Polygraph testing
    • Employment history verification
    • Reference checking from previous employment
    • PHEZULU Solutions can conduct over 36 different pre-employment checks (E.g. Social Media)
  • Once the candidate is made an offer, 10% our placement fee is calculated on the candidates annual income becomes payable
  • PHEZULU Solutions provide a 3-month warrantee on all placements

Time & Attendance

  • 99% accuracy in time clocking’s times
  • Biometric (COVID-19 requirements), facial recognition or card clocking options available
  • Clocking system is cloud based and is easy accessible
  • Clock system is compatible with all know payroll systems
  • Clock system provides for time & attendance recording
  • The clock system can be intergraded with turnstiles for access control
  • Some of the functions of the Time & Attendance systems:
    • Smart timecards designed to the client’s requirement,
    • Export to payroll function,
    • Lunch & Break Policies,
    • Multiple pay periods,
    • Power full reports,
    • Overtime management,
    • Employee self-service,
    • Who’s in the DASHBOARD,
    • Scheduling (e.g. Shifts, leave, create your own rules)
    • Mobile on the GO!
    • Job Costing,
    • Absence Management

Sanitizing / Disinfecting of Offices

  • We clean offices with SABS approved chemicals
  • Fogging of offices
  • Certificate issued for cleaning conducted at client’s premises


  • Schools & day care centres
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Offices & Homes
  • Butcheries
  • Health Clubs

COVID-19 Business Preparedness Training


  • Health and Safety Committee members
  • Safety Representatives & Safety Managers
  • Management
  • Supervisors
  • Appointed COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • All Staff


  • Back Ground of COVID-19
  • Information about the virus
  • How to Identify signs and symptoms
  • How COVID-19 is spread
  • How long can the virus survive on surfaces?
  • Getting the workplace ready for COVID-19
  • How to draft an COVID-19 business plan to manage / prevent infection (Action Plan)
  • Preventing the spread of infection
  • Measures to be put in place (Sanitizers, Hand Washing, etc.)
  • The correct PPE to be utilised and issued as per Department of Employment and Labour, Department of Mineral Resources  and Department of health
  • What to do if a worker tested positive for COVID-19
  • Cleaning of offices and public areas
  • Advice on travel and meetings
  • Organising meetings or events
  • Communication (Preparedness plan – How to communicate with staff)
  • Information data base required to tract infection


  • Risk assessment draft according to company risk
  • Health and Safety Committee & Supervisors trained to complete the risk assessment. Comprehensive will be provided to management to evaluate possible breaches to COVID-19 plan.
  • Monitoring of situation and reporting
  • GAP Analysis – PHEZULU solutions will do a walk-about with the client to establish any GAP in relation to the Business preparedness and compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures.


  • Policy / SOP development in line with Department of Employment and Labour and Department of Health to meet necessary requirements.
  • Drafting and implementation of business COVID-19 Preparedness Action plan.

Specialized Training

PHEZULU Solutions training provider is an independent, fully accredited with all 21 SETA’s as a training provider. Our training provider is certified and complies with ISO standards. We provide a unique and cost effective service to clients on all training and safety needs.

Legislation prescribes that an employer must provide health and safety training to his employees. All employees are to be provided with information, instruction and training to ensure that the employee is aware of work related hazards and risks as well as the measures that must be taken to eliminate, control and minimize those hazards and risk (Section 10 of the Mine Health and Safety Act). A Baseline Risk Assessment and Issue based Risk Assessment will be the leading indicators of major hazards and risks to which employees might be exposed. Training programs are normally planned and based upon outcome of these risk assessments. The aim is to provide training within the framework of our client’s safety management system.


  • Following external and internal training requests
  • Before an employee starts working
  • At pre-determined intervals
  • When changes are made to: Codes of Practises, Procedures, Mining and Ventilation layouts, Plant, Equipment, Material or change in the nature of work.
  • Follow up and verification in the workplace
  • Annual refresher and induction


(Incl. Legal Compliance Training // Accredited with all SETA’s ; and DOL)

  • First Aid levels 1, 2 and 3 Training
  • Basic Fire fighting
  • Relevant Policies and Procedures and Codes of Practice
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Accident / Incident Investigation
  • Hot work – Flame Cutting; Welding and Hand held equipment
  • Flammable Gas Testing Equipment
  • Self-contained self-rescuer
  • Lock out
  • Confined spaces
  • Working at heights – including Scaffold erector and inspector
  • Dover Assessment (Psychometric pre-selection and testing)
  • Specialised Training: Assist if needed for e.g. underground 4×4 LDV
  • Conveyor Belt Safety
  • Hand Tools

Annual Skills Development Reporting

  • Annual Workplace Skills Plan development and reporting
  • Annual Training Report
  • Discretionary Grant Applications for leaner ships at registered SETA’s