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The Bargaining Council for the Food Retail, Restaurant, Catering & Allied Trades – PHEZULU Solutions
Did You Know?
There are new laws applicable to your staff if you own a hospitality establishment called the Bargaining Council for the Fast Food, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Trades, replacing the Hospitality Sectoral determination.
This will be effective from 18 January 2021.
The sectors covered by the new Main Agreements rules are places like a “Tearoom, Restaurant, Catering, Coffee Shop, Pub, Tavern, Roadhouse, Cafe, Snack Bar, Fast-Food Outlet, Convenience Store, Industrial or Commercial Caterer, function Caterer, Contract Caterer, Catering and associated activities.”
Some significant changes are that there are compulsory bonuses. Employees on probation can be remunerated 10% less than the prescribed hourly wage.
And a prescribed night work allowance.
This is not a complete list, and the Main agreement must be checked in order to comply with all the new requirements.
If you are not financially able to comply with the Main Agreements new rules and regulations, you can apply for an exemption through formal exemption application.
Contact our offices for more information or assistance in applying for the exemption.
Follow the link below for the full main agreement.